April 18, 2014

Rugs To Envy

I have been working hard to scan through every piece of inspiration I possibly can to decide on the decor for my new apartment's living room. I am visiting my sister and nephew this week in Virginia, and took some time on the plane over here to browse through my Domino home decor book. It takes you through the steps you need to be successful in decorating, which came in handy redecorating my sister's bedroom this week (pictures coming next week!), and getting me ready to outfit the apartment. Domino urges you to dig through inspiration and then establish a trend or theme. For me that was all over the place because I really like a bit of everything and every style. So I decided classic, but bohemian fit me best.

Next, they urge you to think about how you will use the space. For us, the living room will serve as the place we spend the majority of our time and act as a duel dining room (insert white couch conflict). It will have to serve a lot of purposes - be a place we'd feel proud to entertain guests in, but also be a 'kick your feet up on the coffee table' kind of room. I boiled the list down to some main themes we had to have:
A Neutral/Light Couch (even though I'm scared to deal we'll ruin it)
Natural Wood Pieces
Louis XVI Chairs
Gold Accents
Mix and Matched Patterned Pillows
A large sun loving plant
and an antique rug.

Which brings me to the serious antique rug envy I have going on that comes with inspiration hunting. There are some pretty amazing rugs out there, and it seems everyone buys amazing rugs from esalerugs.com.

Margaret Elizabeth

Smitten Studio

Wit & Delight 

Little Green Notebook

And now me! I picked out this rug this week, which is perfect timing for esalerugs's 50% off Easter Weekend sale. It's an awkward size for the living room as a runner, but I'm hoping to make it work even if I have to layer.  Isn't it lovely?

April 14, 2014

Master of The White Couch

Happy Monday everyone. We had a very successful apartment hunting weekend, and have found a place to live in Midtown! Despite growing up in Atlanta, Midtown is not a part of the city either of us have ever lived in. Atlanta is such a driving city, and I am excited to keep somewhat of a pedestrian lifestyle I adopted in New York. Living in Midtown also means new restaurants and places to try, and a park within walking distance. Corley is going to be heading to China in a few weeks and has given me full reign of decorating the apartment, and I cannot freaking wait. As you can imagine, my search for decorating inspiration is currently a full blown obsession. Our apartment will have dark hard wood floors and gray walls, which immediately leads me to light colors for the main piece of living room furniture, the couch. I absolutely love the look of a crisp white couch against patterned rugs, dark walls and flooring, who doesn't, but can't for the life of me understand how people keep the couches white. Even if a slipcover is involved or if a Tide to-go pin is kept in the side table drawer, I would (A) become a neurotic cleaning fanatic (B) have to institute a no-eating policy on the couch and (C) ultimately ruin it day 1. Guaranteed. Chances that Corley/my mom will convince me a dark gray couch is needed...likely, but until then...does neutral count?
 This living room decorated by Grant K. Gibson has been a favorite of mine, mixing the antique rug, white couch, gold coffee tables and fiddle leaf fig. 


April 11, 2014

Pattern Picking - Chinoiserie Chair DIY

It has been a lot of fun being in Atlanta this week during my off time between jobs. Corley and I are apartment hunting and I'm day dreaming about decorating our apartment. Meanwhile, I finally got the chance to start my Chippendale chair redo I keep talking about, and I am going to need y'alls help picking fabrics! This picture has stuck in my head, and I ended up picking up red spray paint at Home Depot instead of a bright orange. I just love the glam bright red pop of color and how it mixes with a black background chinoiserie fabric.

So, far I have one coat of paint on the chair, and man they weren't kidding when they said rattan absorbs color. I'm guessing I'll need four cans to paint both chairs. Already, I am loving the color and can't wait for the finished product! 

Picking out just the right fabric is proving to be the hardest part, although ask me again once I've installed the seat...not sure where to start with that one since they didn't come with a seat board to reupholster. Here are some of the fabrics I'm trying to decide between. Let me know what you think!

April 10, 2014

Bohemian Inspired Jewelry - Lux Divine

I'm not really into the big music festivals like Burning Man or Coachella, but even someone who has no clue when these events happen can't avoid all of the fashion posts from publishing favorites. I can only assume that Coachella is nearing with all the buzz around festival gear, but for the life of me I couldn't even find the date of the festival on their aesthetically pleasing website. Embarrassing...maybe. The weekend-long camping concert festival assuming people just know when it is and so it doesn't need to be on their website? Likely. 

So this year, even though I told myself that Decor-Eat needed to be true to it's name and only feature decor and recipes causing me to put my one off fashion posts to the side...I just don't think I can help myself with this one. I love bohemian style, so the other day when I stumbled across this L.A. based jewelry maker, I had to share. While some of their pieces are totally meant for the festival goer like these ear cuffs -

Other pieces keep the earthly gems, stones and tribal look for a more subtle statement piece. I LOVE these wrap bracelets, the arrowhead necklace and gem rings.

The company is called Lux Divine Jewelry and was created by a husband and wife team. Jessica makes all of the jewelry herself in the U.S. and makes sure her stones and gems have a social responsible history - no child labor, etc.. You should really check out her full line of products, they are all absolutely beautiful.

Check out here store here.

April 09, 2014

Evans-Cucich House on P'Tree Battle

Having been away from Atlanta for 2 years, it's amazing how much construction has popped up all around the Buckhead area. The Buckhead bar demolition scene that's been a flatted piece of land since 2007, is finally now the booming framework of a new shopping and restaurant complex. A house that has sat vacant on Peachtree Battle for as long as I can remember, now has construction signs up and tarps covering pieces of the house.

 Growing up, this 1930s house designed by architect A.F.NEverett, had a mystique but eery feel to it with the house's tie to the KKK and rumors of secret tunnels. It's history, website: Atlanta Curbed, jokes doesn't "tend to sell homes." Today, the rare art deco facade is what's generating a lot of buzz among the large architectural and design community of Atlanta.

Over the past few years, the house has been toured by some of my friends and other curious Atlanta natives, who have talked about the poor state of the house. Chipped paint, holes in the walls and a musky smell are some of the obstacles the house renovators will face. The house has also been registered

Here's what the entry way used to look like. 
{photo from, Atlanta Architecture: Art Deco to Modern Classic, 1929-1959, by Robert M. Craig via jryanduffey.com}

{source - jryanduffey.com}
Art Deco detailing
{source- The Peak of Chic}

Detailing outside on the limestone
source -The Peak of Chic

The backyard is pretty insane especially for the house's prime location, so I had to share. 
 {source - atlanta curbed}

Last year, the house was purchased by what looks like a custom home group, who must be bringing the historic house back to life. I'm excited to see how the renovations turn out.


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